About Peter Hancock

As Peter says “I enjoy performing in front of an audience, especially at the more formal occasions, but would never seek to upstage the host or those being honoured with awards. My aim is always to make things run smoothly and to time, and to generate sufficient laughter to keep everyone engaged throughout.”

Peter began his career as a waiter in the late 1970s and went on to manage a succession of hotels and restaurants in Sussex and Hampshire. From 1988 to 2000 he worked for guide publishers Johansens, becoming a director of the company in 1996. Peter became Chief Executive of Pride of Britain Hotels in September 2000 and retired from the role in November 2021. He is now in much demand for speaking roles across the country. Read more about how Peter can help make your event a success or get to know Peter a little better and listen to a recently recorded podcast on ‘Hospitality Meets- Peter Hancock’ 

accolades and awards

  • Fellow of HOSPA (The Hospitality Professionals Association)
  • Fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters
  • Recommended by: TheRightAddress.co.uk and Stand-and-Deliver.uk.com
  • Winner of the Hotel Catey award for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ in 2021
  • Winner of the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award at the Independent Hotel Show in 2021
  • Winner of the Institute of Hospitality ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’ award in 2019
  • Fellow of the Tourism Society

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